At mid 1999, the STE signed the exclusive rights agreement of the prepaid calling cards, with Cham Center for trading and marketing, including but not limited of providing platforms, servers, cards and the distribution operation. With itís headquarter located in Damascus (Abou Roumaneh) the company started itís network building, to reach every single city and its suburbs in Syria, and wherever there is telephone services. The companyís capital is 2 million us Dollars.

Distribution strategy:
Starting from an educational campaign about the new service the team studied the market and started horizontally to plant its P.O.Ps all around Syria.

Even though the Syrian market is based today on unorganized credited sales, and the fact that this is the only way to sell, Hello Syria with itís well trained team have broken the theory and have built its perfectly prepaid operation, starting from the distributors and ending with the end user.

The company planned for its growth taking into consideration a perfectly designed incentives and bounces schedule for every part of the team. Through its regular meetings, the sales and marketing department succeeded in meeting the market expectations and updates its members with all needed information, and collect their info to maneuver for better results. The uniqueness of the operation forced everybody to put extra efforts in every detail of the job, which lead the companyís network to be categorized as "the best network coverage" in the Syrian market.

Today Hello Syria cards are distributed in Syria through more than 4000 P.O.Ps.

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